About me

Who’s Vi?

  • Vi lives in the Netherlands, in no-mountain-pancake-flat-land.
  • Vi loves climbing, and is psyched about the outdoors and yoga.
  • Vi works as a freelance yoga teacher, the best job in the world!
  • Vi is crazy about nature but lives in one of Holland’s 4 biggest cities.
  • Vi loves to wear high heels, but also feels super comfortable wearing flip flops or hiking boots. Better, bare feet.
  • Vi is a yoga hippie who loves to be free.
  • Vi is a health freak, but craves the occasional junk food.
  • Vi loves to dress up, all girly with make up and glitters, but loves to be down and dirty, too.
  • Vi has a cat named Sookie Stackhouse (after the True Blood series).
  • Vi can’t stand losing but practice the art of letting go.
  • Vi is a big fan of everybody who follows their heart.
  • Vi is sporty and goal-orientated.
  • Vi was a media professional in a previous life, but hated the stress and deadlines.

This is she:



  1. Beautiful sister. I get very inspired. I like your writing too. But how are you going to write on your computer in the middle of nowhere? Luck and love to you, Cream xx

    1. Hi Cream! Thanks, your writing on http://www.raw-devotion.com inspire me too! Good question. I’m taking my iPhone with a small solar panel for charging. There are these foldable keyboards, very lightweight, I want to bring one too. So I can blog every night before bedtime under the stars. Whenever I’m in town, I make time to write even more. Love, Vi X

  2. Hey, I made it to your blog and have enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures.
    Stay strong girl and keep writing…we are enjoying the reading and going through this journey with you through your words!
    Aranea (The other Dutchie on Vancouver Island. :)

  3. Starting reading your blog and would like to know where you finished. Beautiful pictures by the way. Love your determination, and reflective words after long days on the trail.

  4. I was looking around at PCT journals and somehow found yours. Very inspiring writing! Pretty sure I met you at the Mexican border on 11/11 when you finished the thru-hike. Maybe you remember a lone geocacher wandering around the area? Anyway, I took a photo of your group if you’d like it. Y’all seemed incredibly happy, and understandably so! Cheers :)

    1. Hi Brent! Yes of course I remember you. And yes, I finished with my trail buddies Mrs Dash, Just Jake and Red Fox on the 11/11! Yes we were happy, but I remembered also feeling sad because this epic voyage was over. Great that you found my blog! Always love to have pictures, can you post it here? – Viola

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