Pacific Crest Trail 2014


1. Decision: get set go!!!

2. Inspiration

3. Life starts at the end of your comfort zone

4. Fear and doing it anyway

5. No entry

6. America is giving me the cold shoulder – again.

7. 3 strikes and you’re… IN!

8. The final week

9. From Nobody to Somebody

10. Crossing the globe

11. Hiking the first hike


1. PCT: Prequel. Planning and changing plans

2. Cascade Locks – Trout Lake: Part 1 (The dream)

3. Cascade Locks – Trout Lake: Part 2 (The snow)

4. Cascade Locks – Trout Lake: Part 3 (The stalker)

5. Cascade Locks – Trout Lake: Part 4 (The savior)

6. By the river Feather I sat down and wept

7. Hell day at Hat Creek Rim

8. My personal trainers, or how I learned to hike strong.

9. Hiking Washington: Cascade Locks to White Pass

10. Hiking Washington: Snoqualmie Pass to Stehekin

11. Hiking Washington: Stehekin to the US/Canadian border

12. Pacific Crest Trail Chapter II: Back in California!

13. Hiking California: Echo Lake to Sonora Pass

14. Hiking California: Sonora Pass to Agnew Meadows

15. Hiking California: High Sierras Part I

16. Hiking California: High Sierras Part II | The Hunger Games

17. Hiking California: High Sierras Part III Between A Rock And A Hard Place

18. Hiking California: High Sierras Part IV | Survival Of The Fittest

19. Hiking California: Food Orgy In Kennedy Meadows

20. Hiking California: Kennedy Meadows to Tehachapi


Follow the calling of the heart

Thoughts about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail



  1. Hoi Viola, ik ben Yvette (uit Schiedam) en ben van plan om de PCT in 2018 te lopen en vroeg me af of ik in contact met je kon komen om dingen te vragen..

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