Cascade Locks – Trout Lake: Part 4 (The savior)

Day 1-6 (June 18 – June 23)

Miles hiked: 82.2

Total mileage: 82.2

After the stressful day of snow and weird messages, I camp out at Trout Lake Creek campsite. Only 5 more miles to the road from where I can hitch to Trout Lake. I decide to sleep until I wake up, which is around 9.30am. Good morning! I have breakfast with a Snicker bar and I’m setting out to do the last 5 miles. Lots of mosquitos are bugging me.

I’m walking slow but who cares?

I hope I can get a ride into town but these roads are quiet, if you’re lucky you see one car every hour. Then I see a hiker, walking in my direction. It’s strange because this man doesn’t carry a backpack. He is wearing a hat and I can’t see his face. It takes a while before I recognize him. It’s Shadowfax, the Englishman I met one day before I start the 82 mile stretch. He was the guy that was one day ahead of me and turned around, because of the snow. I give him a big hug. “What are you doing here?” I ask him. “Looking and waiting for you”, he said. So cool!

Every  night I was sending out an “I’m OK” message with my SPOT device and it turned out that Shadowfax could receive the messages through Facebook.

Aaaah, don’t you just love technology when it works!

When we get down the road, I see a car, which he borrowed from his friend, and he brought cold drinks and salty snacks for me! This is such an awesome moment and I feel grateful! In Trout Lake, over a burger and another cold soda, I learn that the hiking who was behind me, also gave up. And turned around.

One local congratulates me with breaking the trail. “You’re tougher than most guys!”

Over dinner in Portland, Shadowfax tells me: ” I have a new trail name for you. After all you went through up there, in the snow, by yourself, I think your trail name should be Arctic Fox.”

My eyes light up and I smile.


  1. Hee Viola, prachtig dat je dit doet…..hoe bijzonder werkt de geest, dat heen en weer getrek tussen angst, rust, blijdschap en opluchting. Mens sana in corpore sano. Mooi om mee te mogen beleven. Take care.

  2. Hi Viola…this is Greg, your other saw partner from that day. Thanks for taking a moment to get your hands dirty with us on that log.

    I think “Arctic Fox” is a far superior trail name. If you’ll recall in camp that evening, I suggested “Total Domination”…maybe you deserve that one, too, after the tough stretch of trail you made it through. The snow has melted a lot since then, so I hope your journey has gotten easier.

    Best of luck!!

    1. Thanks Greg! And thank you for all the good work you and the crew have done. It really makes a difference. I’ve come across 2 other trail crews on this hike so far and the people were all so generous and kind!

  3. Loving the blog and the beautiful descriptions – may we all keep growing and learning and may you keep going!!

  4. My friend Denise shared your blog with me after we were debating on trail names – Arctic Fox is way cooler than BOG Babe. Plus you earned it with that trek through the snow. Nicely done!

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