The final week

The final week has begun.

Training AKA dragging myself through town with a borrowed backpack (my own is yet to arrive from the Swiss GoLite distributor) filled with 40L of soil. A nice way to see my own town through the eyes of a backpacker.

around town


Do I want to be a beetroot or a juicy orange? I’m choosing to be an orange, it’s the warmer and lighter version of the 2 down jackets I ordered online. In any case, I’m so ready for the World Cup Soccer 2014 now!!! More visible in case of emergency too.

Down selfies:collage_down


Offline and online buying. Awaiting my packages, getting to know the mailman (he’s a cutie!), sending stuff back, ordering new items, going to the stores, hours and hours of fitting shoes, insoles, lying in different types of sleeping bags all mummified, spending bucket loads of money on blister plasters and pain killers. My shopping list is brutal. And never ending.

spending money


Teaching my last classes.My yogi’s surprised me with a custom made necklace and a cute bracelet after class.

They are the best!!!


SOS! So stressed out from planning, working, saying final goodbyes, shopping, planning some more, working out, why are there just 24 hours in a day? Luckily, my bff Saskia came to the rescue and brought me chocolate and lingerie! To rock the trail in style!!! Thank you girl <3!

Writing blog posts in bed (okay Sookie, you’re welcome to sleep on my bed only this time!), making welfies with mum and dad, drinking tea, more desk work, still another 4 days prepping and counting…!





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