Lots of people inspire me, every day. And I understand:

Everybody is your teacher.

Two weeks ago, I stumbled across this amazing video:

Watching this immediately rekindled the flame inside. The longing to do something like this was always there but the last year I’ve been focusing on starting up my own business in teaching yoga. I’ve had a PCT guidebook on the shelves for years, all dusty and forgotten, waiting to be read and devoured. I immediately grabbed it and started reading and felt a rush of energy through my veins.

Can I pull it off? Is that even a possibility? Can I even consider going for it?

In the days (and nights) that followed, I started reading blogs like a mad man and watching video updates from thru-hikers, soaking up knowledge and information like a sponge. One of the most interesting blogs I’ve found was Carrot Quinn‘s one. I decided to ask her a few questions about her thru-hike, which she completed last year. And wrote that I wasn’t sure whether I should do it this year. It felt a little bit like writing to a VIP so I awaited her response, in much anticipation. Almost immediately she wrote me back and send me this beautiful quote which touched my heart:

BUKOWSKIAnd the rest of her e-mail was basically meant to kick my butt and get myself to the trail, a.s.a.p.!

So thank you Carrot Quinn. And thank you Tyler for inspiring and motivating me, and giving me the courage to follow my dreams.intogreatwide

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